Parsley 0.2

Parsley has received a couple of major improvements over the last three months. Now I’d like to share them with you.

If you have never heard of Parsley, here’s a short intro

Parsley is an open source initiative to build a low-cost 3D scanner. With Parsley you can create your own 3D models easily by scanning them from your desktop.

The following features were implemented in the last couple of months together with Matthias Plasch

  • Plugins Parsley supports plugins through its plugin architecture. This includes algorithms, patterns and the like.
  • Tracking Parsley supports scanning of complete objects through tracking the objects position while changing views.
  • Pattern Designer Parsley received its own pattern designer to let you customize your calibration patterns visually.
  • Calibration The calibration process has been simplified and live visual feedback on errors and recognition results has been added.
  • Settings The settings are immediately applied and saved to disk when a parameter changes.
  • Rapid Development The developer is freed from creating its own user interfaces for algorithms. Parsley interferes adjustable parameters from the meta-data of the class and generates a unified user interface.

Here is what it looks like.

Make sure you check out the Parsleys video page for more media.

Unfortunately Parsley does not offer a simple installer yet. If you need installation instructions leave a comment. This increases pressure to update the documentation :)


9 thoughts on “Parsley 0.2

  1. Thanks, Christoph.
    I have a busy weekend here so I won’t be able to try right away. I hope to give it a shot next week. In the meantime, Thanks very much for your work! I’ll report back as soon as I have more info.

  2. Quick question, Christoph,
    On the Getting Started page you list “Microsoft 2008 Redistributable Package (x86) Service Pack 1” as one of the requirements. Are you referring to the Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package (x86) Service Pack 1? The “Visual C++” part is missing… Just want to be sure I’m getting the right package.

  3. Hi Christoph

    Just came across your software a few days ago, don’t know if you are able to recommend specific webcam or laser you are currently using. I was looking at the Logitech Quickcam 9000 PRO and a red line laser module (650 nm, Class 1 laser) with adjustable focus. I am totally new to 3D scanning, but I am a user of 3D software. I am eager to start using Parsley after the New Year, so I hope we can keep in-touch. Well done on the delivery of this brilliant piece of software can’t wait to start. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.

  4. Leakey,

    I cannot recommend a specific webcam. We have been testing three different models and all them produced satisfactory results. Here are some more or less general tips:
    – make sure you can disable auto-focus on your webcam
    – make sure that the webcams high resolution is not interpolated from a lower chip resolution.
    – make sure that webcams exposure time can be set manually.
    – make sure that you can get at least 15FPS.

    Make sure you read the getting started tutorial at

    For more hints you might want to drop matthias ( a note. He has done most of the recent scanning results shown on our homepage.

    Best regards,

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