ReconstructMe aka KinectFusion

Lately, I’ve been working on a similar project to KinectFusion, shown at the SIGGRAPH 2011. We have an initial real-time camera tracking software ready and the first results are summed in our ReconstructMe blog post (German).

Reconstructme.pdf shows a reconstructed human head. The reconstruction completed in 25 seconds (that’s the time it took the guy with the sensor to move around) at a framerate of roughly 20 FPS. Note that Acrobat Reader 7.x or higher is required to view the 3D content.

The image below provides a little bit more details on the reconstruction process. On the left the camera path as tracked by ReconstructMe is shown. The right image shows the reconstructed surface mesh from hundreds of frames.

Expect more information soon. We will be showing-off our real-time reconstruction at the FH-Next career fair. Be there, and reconstruct yourself!


2 thoughts on “ReconstructMe aka KinectFusion

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