Posted in December 2011

Protocol Buffers: Display non-present fields with TextFormat

Recently I started to evaluate Google’s Protocol Buffers library, also known as protobuf, to transfer data between different processes (e.g Java application communicating with a C++ application) and between layers of the same process (e.g C#/C++ interoperability). Protocol Buffers In protobuf you define your message interface as a separate text file and invoke the protobuf … Continue reading

A Policy-Based Property Implementation in C++

Having read a proof-of-concept C++ Property implementation by Lois Goldthwaite as published in ACCU’s Overload journal #65, I decided to evaluate the usefulness of such an approach for various projects I’m currently involved in. I started to fiddle around with the code provided and ended up with a more general policy based design for property … Continue reading

Serialization of cv::Mat objects using Boost

Update 2012/01/07 As pointed out by Paul, I updated the code fragments to contain missing template arguments. While working on our real-time 3D reconstruction project ReconstructMe, we found that our unit tests based on single camera images and depth values did not cover all use cases. We decided to stream the complete depth and color … Continue reading