ReconstructMe – First Official Videos Online

Update 2012/01/25 We’ve launched an offical ReconstructMe homepage at In case you are interested in our BETA program, have a look!


it’s been a while since the last update on ReconstructMe. We’ve been busy implementing new features and outfitting ReconstructMe for even more hardware. Our continuous integration server now builds and tests ReconstructMe on hardware three different vendors (INTEL, AMD, NVIDIA).

I’m proud to announce the first two official ReconstructMe videos are now publicly available!

The first video below shows the current set of ReconstructMe features implemented. It introduces you into the world of automated 3D real-time reconstruction.

The second video shows the robustness of the approach as implemented in KinectFusion. A chair is completely modelled by turning it in front of the sensor. Additionally, noise (me) is present.

Hope you enjoyed watching those videos! Expect more information soon.


7 thoughts on “ReconstructMe – First Official Videos Online

  1. How long until a binary? I really want to test this!

    I have quite a lot of need for this sort of software. I have been making do with Brekel kinect’s scans, which are noisy and unusable as anything but a reference. I tried the PCL implementation of this via the binary brekel made available, but it seem much less robust than your system.

    If you need testers, ever. Please let me know. wacomalt at
    I have knowledge of surface reconstruction and remeshing and such. Would love to be involved.

  2. Hi there.

    I’ve just came across you blog and would also like to ask to be put on the “Beta” test programs.

    My main use for this would be to digitize models for my art work that is a hobby of mine. Although I do only non commercial stuff I think I would be able to assist you in beta testing as I have a good background in the 3D world.


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