ReconstructMe – Official Homepage Launched

Yesterday we’ve launched our official ReconstructMe homepage at

It ought to become your central place to go for all your ReconstructMe matters. We are currently searching for BETA testers. In case you are interested, go check it out.


One thought on “ReconstructMe – Official Homepage Launched

  1. I would love to be a beta tester! Hopefully you can help me. I own a portrait photo studio and envision making 3d scans of individuals and ultimately turning the 3d scan into a piece of sculpture. Not sure if want it to be a souvenior type or art type scupture. I am only experimenting and still feel a we are quite a ways from actually doing this, so this is not being used for a commercial purpose at all right now. I have been told everything from “This is only possible but only with a 20K+ investment and have also been told this can be done rather inexpensively with 3d Kinect cameras”. I have extensive graphic ability and know that many graphics programs have similar “conventions”, but have not worked with 3d programs. ANY HELP YOU CAN AFFORD IS APPRECIATED. I REALLY REALLY WANT TO MAKE THIS HAPPEN! Thanks you, Hal
    901-682-7501 use C-DS time zone

    Grasping at straws for anyone who can help. It seems everyone “knows how” but can not seem to impart the info, or maybe it is my ignorance with this type of scanning and production that keeps me from understanding it.
    Thanks so much for any help. Hal

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