Serialization of cv::Mat objects using Boost

Update 2012/01/07 As pointed out by Paul, I updated the code fragments to contain missing template arguments. While working on our real-time 3D reconstruction project ReconstructMe, we found that our unit tests based on single camera images and depth values did not cover all use cases. We decided to stream the complete depth and color … Continue reading

ReconstructMe aka KinectFusion

Lately, I’ve been working on a similar project to KinectFusion, shown at the SIGGRAPH 2011. We have an initial real-time camera tracking software ready and the first results are summed in our ReconstructMe blog post (German). Reconstructme.pdf shows a reconstructed human head. The reconstruction completed in 25 seconds (that’s the time it took the guy … Continue reading

Preventing Kinect Flickering

Lately, I’ve been playing around with real-time matching using 3D point clouds taken with the Kinect sensor (read my previous post for details). When visualizing the stream of data, I detected some kind of flickering, which expresses itself in drastic change of the number of valid points between two frames. Browsing the web I found … Continue reading

Kinect Support on Windows through OpenCV

Update 2011/08/03: Updated the post to work with the latest trunk revision (6281 at the time of writing) of OpenCV. The old post was moved into a subsection of this post. Update 2011/06/11: I was informed that the patch provided in this blog post was applied against the the OpenCV code-base in revision 5415. Update … Continue reading

Parsley 0.2

Parsley has received a couple of major improvements over the last three months. Now I’d like to share them with you. If you have never heard of Parsley, here’s a short intro Parsley is an open source initiative to build a low-cost 3D scanner. With Parsley you can create your own 3D models easily by … Continue reading