Posted in January 2010

Simple Moving Average

In statistics a simple moving average is an algorithm that calculates the unweighted mean of the last n samples. The parameter n is often called the window size, because the algorithm can be thought of as an window that slides over the data points. By using a recursive formulation of the algorithm, the number of … Continue reading

SlideControl – A .NET Control with Slide Effects

The other day I was working on Parsley and noticed that I needed a simple user interface. For Parsley I devised a single main window interface with an additional live-video and rendering windows. As none of the predefined controls suited my visual needs, I came up with SlideControl, I slick container control with slide effects … Continue reading

Introducing RCapture

RCapture is a Ruby library that allows placing hooks on methods using a convenient interface. In this article I’d like to introduce RCapture and its features to you. Update RCapture is covered in episode #41 of Ruby5. Take a listen! I always wanted to be able to place hooks on arbitrary methods in Ruby. After … Continue reading